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Our Founder and Gut Health Expert Dietitian

Kara Landau gut health expert dietitian founder Uplift Food the best Prebiotic Supplement

Kara Landau - APD/AN

Kara Landau Accredited Practicing Dietitian Accredited Nutritionist Kara Landau

  • Bachelor Nutrition and Dietetics, Monash University
  • Masters Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Swinburne University of Technology
  • Certificate III and IV in Fitness, Australian Fitness Academy 
  • Official Media Representative Nutrition Advisor for the Global Prebiotic Association, Worldwide

Kara Landau aka “Travelling Dietitian” is an Australian prebiotic gut health expert dietitian, author, innovator and presenter;

Her scientific background, love of food, and passion for life culminated in 2012 when she originally travelled from Melbourne, Australia to New York City, began discovering copious research papers which uncovered the important role gut health and prebiotics play in mood regulation, and published her first book on this topic “The Clean Separation”(2013),

Kara Landau Founder Uplift Food Gut health expert dietitian prebiotic fibre

Kara has since been regularly called on for gut health focused expert dietary recommendations by major media outlets across Australia, the United States, and beyond.


Her depth of knowledge, and sincere belief in the mood supportive benefits of prebiotic fibres, resistant starches, and gut healthy foods, has been acknowledged and respected internationally for years.


  • With a wealth of experience in natural and organic healthy new product development
  • The understanding of the remarkable mood supportive benefits that can develop from the consumption of gut healthy foods
  • Plus her world wide travel that did not see her finding a single food product that offered the combination of nutrients needed in order to achieve the mood supportive benefits capable from the consumption of prebiotic gut healthy foods


The clear vision for Uplift Food, the missing food range from anywhere in the world, was born.

Kara Landau prebiotic expert dietitian uplift food the best prebiotic fiber supplement


Uplift Food is the culmination of thousands of hours dedicated to research, together with years of dedication focused on how best to bring to life the world’s first functional food brand focused exclusively on the Mood Supportive Benefits capable from the consumption of PRE-biotic gut healthy foods.

Kara's mission is to help shift your thought process so that you can approach each challenge in life feeling as though "You've totally got this!"


Using food as your tool, it is time for us to together all feel Uplifted!

Kara Landau dietitian Uplift Food The Best Prebiotic Fiber Supplement


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Its Time to Feel Uplifted!

Join the Uplifters and gain access to exclusive gut health expert dietitian tips, delicious recipes, and product specials...Don't you want to finally feel like "you've totally got this"? 

And if you are ready to take the first step to feeling incredible - Head over to our Signature Uplift Food - Daily Uplifter (Protein) page and take control over your gut health today!

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