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AUSTRALIA: Our Ingredients

Here at Uplift Food we believe in creating products for you that taste great and pack an absolute gut healthy mood supportive punch!

Continually researching wellness benefits, we hand pick the ingredients that provide you with the worlds naturally richest source of beneficial nutrients needed to nourish your gut and support a positive mood.

We are:

  •      Gut nourishing
  •      Plant focused and satisfying
  •       Non-GMO and nutrient packed
  •       Bursting with natural whole-food vitamins and minerals
  •      Enjoyable to eat!


We are not filled with:

  •      GMOs, cheap fillers, or artificial preservatives
  •       Synthetic vitamins and minerals 
  •      Artificial sweeteners or added refined sugars
  •      Refined carbohydrates or other blood sugar spiking ingredients

Gut Nourishing 

Organic Green Banana Flour

Uplift Food The Best Prebiotic Fiber Supplement Green Banana Resistant Starch

Green bananas are one of worlds naturally richest sources of gut healthy prebiotic resistant starch, a specific nutrient that is missing from our diets these days.
Our organic green banana resistant starch is 38% resistant starch, and is able to selectively fuel the good bacteria in your body so that your gut health can be at its peak, and your immune and digestive systems are supported.
With a suggested recommended daily goal of 20g of resistant starch, and with current intakes estimated to be down at 5g;
Your Uplift Food – Daily Uplifter provides you with 10% of your requirements per serve, making it easier for you to hit the daily target of this otherwise hard to come by valuable nutrient.
In addition, as a whole food ingredient, green banana flour also offers an abundance of mood calming nutrients, such as Vitamin B6 and magnesium needed to naturally create serotonin in the body!



Organic Jerusalem Artichoke

Uplift Food The Best Prebiotic Fiber Supplement

Organic Jerusalem artichoke offers one of the worlds densest sources of naturally occurring inulin, a soluble prebiotic fibre known to boost the good bifidobacterium with intakes as low as 5g per day.

We have included the full 5g required per day, in each serve of our Daily Uplifter products - making it easier for you to get 100% of the suggested dose for beneficial effects.

Soluble dietary fibre not only fuels your gut bacteria, but it also helps regulate your blood sugar levels, improves blood cholesterol levels, and leaves you feeling fuller for longer which can aid in weight management!

With studies suggesting that typical adult male hunter-foragers used to consume up at around 135g of inulin per day – compared to consumption patterns now days thought to be down closer to 2-11g per day - it is clear that this highly beneficial nutrient is in need of a come back!

Your Uplift Food - Daily Uplifter combines the powerful benefits of soluble dietary fibre from organic Jerusalem artichoke, with resistant starch from green banana flour, to offer you a power packed gut loving mix that is sure to excite your good gut bacteria!

*If you have been diagnosed with IBS we suggest you read our FAQs which will provide you with guidance on how to approach incorporating Uplift Food - Daily Uplifter in your diet.



Uplift food daily uplifter the best prebiotic fiber supplement with probiotics
At Uplift Food we pride ourselves in giving you PRE-biotic ingredients to ensure your gut obtains the nutrients it is truly craving. 

We also supplement our products with an array of good gut bacteria probiotic strains to support you in maintaining bacterial diversity in your body, which is essential for your overall wellbeing.


You will find within our signature Daily Uplifter products the following 5 strains:


Lactobacillus Acidophilus -

This good probiotic strain is naturally found within your digestive tract, and is able to support lactose digestion and ward off pathogenic bacteria.

It also has been shown to support raising healthy HDL levels and managing fasting blood sugar levels when consumed together with the type of prebiotics found within Uplift Food.


Lactobacillus Plantarum -

This good probiotic protects your gut from pathogenic strains, and has been shown to support improvements in digestive troubles for those suffering from IBS.


Lactobacillus Rhamnosus -

This common probiotic has been shown to support digestive health;

Studies outline the beneficial nature of providing L Rhamnosus in combination with a prebiotic as we do at Uplift Food in order to enhance the stability of the probiotic, as well as potentially enhance the immune health benefits. 


Bifidobacterium Lactis -

This valuable probiotic strain has been shown to assist with protecting the cells that line the gut from damage that can be caused by gluten in some people. 


Bifidobacterium Longum -

This interesting probiotic has been continually studied on its potential to support mood regulation.

While still in its infancy, many studies have shown positive results to promote the value of its inclusion in supporting positive mood benefits. 



Plant Focused and Satisfying

Organic Sprouted Fermented Golden Pea Protein

Uplift Food The Best Prebiotic Fiber Supplement

Organic sprouted fermented golden pea protein is an allergen-free pure plant based ingredient that offers the full spectrum of essential amino acids.                                                                                  

The golden peas are washed and then soaked for twenty hours to activate the sprouting which may aid in mineral absorption.

They are then wet-milled and fermented, leading to an extremely dense source of satisfying and highly digestible protein.

This final high-quality protein source, working together with the green banana resistant starch and organic Jerusalem artichoke prebiotic soluble fibre, will lead to your blood sugar levels remaining balanced, energy levels being up, and you feeling confident that you will be fully satisfied for hours on end.


Organic Sacha Inchi Seed Powder

Uplift Food The Best Prebiotic Fiber Supplement

Found in the rainforests of the Amazon in Peru, as well as colourful Laos, sacha inchi seeds are a sustainable crop grown by local communities which offer an abundance of nutritional benefits in an allergen free food.

Naturally found as a star-shaped seedpod with nutty tasting seeds; sacha inchi seeds are cold pressed and gently dehydrated to provide a nutrient packed raw ingredient.

Being 60% protein by weight, and providing all the essential amino acids, sacha inchi seeds are a complete protein source able to support your strength and muscle development goals!

In addition to their quality plant based protein, sacha inchi seeds offer a range of anti-inflammatory and mood regulatory nutrients, such as:

  •    Beneficial omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids
  •    Satisfying dietary fibre
  •    Anxiety fighting magnesium and potassium
  •    Enlivening phytonutrients
  •     As well as similarly to our organic green banana flour, the mood enhancing super nutrient, serotonin!


      Nutrient Packed 

      Organic Mesquite Powder

      uplift food the best prebiotic fiber supplement microbiome supplement

      Grown in Peru organic mesquite powder is a delicious caramel like flavoured ingredient that is naturally derived from tree ripened seedpods that have been compressed and slowly dehydrated into a fine powder.

      Being rich in an abundance of beneficial nutrients, organic mesquite powder provides:

      •    Filling dietary fibre
      •    Bone strengthening calcium
      •    Blood pressure regulating potassium
      •    As well as blood building iron to support you feeling energized!

      This naturally sweet tasting powder does not spike your blood sugar levels, and ultimately imparts an abundance of nutritional benefits in one super tasty ingredient!



      Uplift Food The Best Prebiotic Fiber Supplement

      AquaminF™ is a special marine multi-mineral complex made 100% from seaweed.

      It provides bioactive and highly useable:

      •    Bone building calcium
      •    Mood calming magnesium
      •    As well as up to 72 other trace marine minerals needed to support your health and wellbeing

      Within the multi-mineral matrix all these elements work together, leading to enhanced benefits, and giving a powerful boost to the action of the calcium and magnesium – Meaning, you reap more benefits!

      Additionally, unlike most of the commonly used limestone sourced calcium in fortified foods and supplements, AquaminF™ offers a superior quality ingredient that has been derived from a live plant capable of absorbing an abundance of trace minerals from its surrounding seawater.

      This form of absorption, coupled with AquaminF™'s unique structure, results in a mineral rich ingredient that is easily utilised by the human body;

      Resulting in you feeling nourished, and most importantly, Uplifted!


      Organic High Vitamin D Mushroom Powder

      Uplift Food The Best Prebiotic Fiber Supplement

       Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, is a vital nutrient needed to:

      •    Prevent inflammation in the body
      •    Keep your bones strong
      •    As well as assist with mood regulation

      Rarely found in food sources, our certified organic high Vitamin D mushroom powder is a valuable plant-based source of Vitamin D which comes to life via exposing organic mushrooms to UVB rays in order to convert Pro Vitamin D into a bioavailable form of Vitamin D;

      This version of Vitamin D is clinically proven to effectively be utilised by the body.

      With each serving of our Uplift Food - Daily Uplifter products providing 50% of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin D;

      You can rest assure that you are going to be able to hit your daily target!



      Enjoyable to Consume

      Organic Stevia

      Uplift Food The Best Prebiotic Fiber Supplement

      Originally found natively in South America, the Stevia rebaudiana plant has been used by the Guarani people of Brazil and Paraguay for over 1500 years.

      Our organic stevia extract powder is a unique plant based sweetener that is 200-300 times sweeter than sugar, has the same structure as when it is found in nature, and provides no calories, carbohydrates, or sugars per serve.

      Utilising only the smallest amount of stevia, you can be confident that your Uplift Food - Daily Uplifter will satisfy your desire for a little sweetness, and all without any of the negative side effects that come from consuming too many added sugars.                              


      Organic Ceylon Cinnamon

      Uplift Food The Best Prebiotic Fiber Supplement

      Naturally derived from the brown bark of the cinnamon tree, this sweet tasting aromatic spice has been enjoyed and used medicinally for centuries.

      Offering anti-inflammatory and blood sugar regulating benefits within some populations, our organic Ceylon cinnamon will provide you with a gentle aroma that is sure to leave your senses Uplifted!  


      Organic Vanilla Bean

      Uplift Food The Best Prebiotic Fiber Supplement

      Our organic Madagascan vanilla bean brings to you the highly desired delicious sweet and characteristically creamy flavour derived from orchids of the genus Vanilla.

      The distinctive aroma and flavour stem from natural compounds found in the fruit, which result after the fruit flowers are pollinated.

      With a global shortage of this highly valuable plant, we respectably incorporate only as much as needed to ensure your positive Uplifted experience.

      Supporting scientific references:

      For those interested in learning more about the science behind our ingredients, we encourage you to check out our abundant range of in-depth digital books.

      In addition, we have a handful of links supporting many of the nutritional benefits of our gut health focused ingredients over on our Science page.

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