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Platinum: Uplift Food Premium Personalised Package (Practitioner)

Uplift Food

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Platinum: Uplift Food Premium Personalised Package (Practitioner)


About the Premium Personalised Package (Practitioner):  


Do you meet with patients whose eating patterns are completely intertwined with how they are feeling emotionally? Are you looking to truly be able to help your patients understand how their food choices can impact their mood? Would you like to once and for all gain clarity on the hot new topic of gut health so that you can utilise the science in your practice?

If you are ready to clearly understand which foods play a role in serotonin production, which foods are the richest sources of prebiotics, help your patients make the best choices for their body based on gut supportive nutrients, as well as have your burning prebiotic gut health questions answered by a gut health expert dietitian, then the Platinum Package: Uplift Food Personalised Package (Practitioner) is the answer for you!


The Platinum Package: Uplift Food - Personalised Package (Practitioner) is our most comprehensive practitioner package that provides you with all of our digital, food and personal products, including: 

    • Good Mood Food Guide (Practitioner)
      • Prebiotic Manual
      • 5 x 7 Day Uplift Food – Good Mood Food Menus + Recipes
      • Recommended Products List
      • 1 x 425g Uplift Food – Daily Uplifter (Protein)
      • 1 x Private Skype consultation with a gut health expert dietitian to have your specific practitioner questions answered.


      The Details:


      The Uplift Food – Good Mood Food Guide (Practitioner) is the original e-book written by gut health expert dietitian, Kara Landau – With over 65 beautifully designed and information packed pages that speak to you as the practitioner.


      You will start generally, having the science behind the nutritional foundation laid, learning about concepts such as internal inflammation, comfort eating versus hunger, as well as which specific nutrients and food sources are needed for healthy serotonin production.


      As you gain confidence in your own understanding you will move into more detailed concepts such as the role of gut health on mood regulation, how specific probiotic strains and prebiotics have been shown in scientific studies to influence mood, as well as how to guide your patients to make food choices that will truly support mood elevation.


      By the completion of reading this e-book you will no doubt feel confident in your ability to educate your patients on the best foods possible to help them feel Uplifted!



      Following this, you will then be ready to take the ultimate deep dive into the world of prebiotics with the Prebiotic Manual.

       The Uplift Food – Prebiotic Manual is the specialist and in-depth gut health manual written by prebiotic expert dietitian, Kara Landau. Strategically refined into 35 beautifully designed and information packed pages, you will be provided with the factual and usable content you need on this topic, without any fluff.

       prebiotic manual uplift food

      This is no surface level manual, with specific figures being provided on the required doses of different types of prebiotics that would need to be consumed in order to actively bring about positive health benefits to your patients.


      You will start by having your prebiotic foundation laid by learning about:

      • The different types of prebiotic fibres
      • How they specifically influence gut health, as well as
      • Which foods are the richest sources of these specific types of prebiotics


      You will then move through to resistant starches, learning about the 5 different types of resistant starches, the significant role they play in strengthening your patients gut, as well as gain confidence in your own understanding of how to create a gut strengthening daily meal plan so that you can customise these suggestions within your own practice.


      You will be empowered with the knowledge and tools you need to be able to work a new area of dietetics into your practice, ultimately allowing you to use your own clinical expertise with your patients, whilst offering a new layer of depth to your service offerings.


      By the completion of reading this e-book you will no doubt feel like a gut health expert yourself, eluding confidence in your ability to select the best foods possible to support a superiorly strong gut, and ultimately leaving you and your patients feeling Uplifted!



      You also will receive 5 x 7 day Good Mood Food Menus together with a variety of Recipes for Different Dietary Requirements. This will spark your creativity on how you can develop suitable meal plans incorporating all the newly attained prebiotic knowledge you have for your patients.

      Within the meal plans there are gluten free, dairy free, plant based, kosher, and fuss free suggestions, to assist menu development based on your patients different dietary or lifestyle preferences. 



      In addition you will receive our Recommended Products List (AUS and USA) which helps identify products that can be purchased either in store or online by your patients to help them easily implement this new Uplifting eating style that you will be teaching them.

      Uplift Food Recommended Product Listuplift food recommended product list

      You will also receive 1 x 425g package of Uplift Food - Daily Uplifter (Protein) so that you can try out for yourself the benefits of incorporating more prebiotic fibres and resistant starches in your diet.

       uplift food daily uplifter

      Finally, you will be able to set up a one hour consultation with a gut health expert dietitian so that you can receive answers to any specific questions you may have, following your reading of the Uplift Food range of e-books, so that you can confidently begin working with patients in this area of nutrition.



      What Kara says:

      "This premium package is by far our most comprehensive and valuable offering that will leave you feeling confident in both your understanding, and ability, in implementing a mood boosting gut healthy diet for yourself, and your patients.

      Offering you an exceptional insight into how specific nutrients and foods support an elevated mood, as well as vital in-depth insights into the different types of prebiotics and resistant starches, you will truly understand why saying "eat more fibre" or "just add fruits and vegetables" is not the final answer when it comes to improving your patients gut health and mood.

      You also will feel clearer on how to set up meal plans and provide recipe ideas that help your clients boost their prebiotic fibre and resistant starch intake, and you will get to personally reap the benefits as you try for yourself the Uplift Food - Daily Uplifter.

      Taking part in the private session with a gut health expert dietitian will most certainly be the most valuable component of this package, ensuring you are instilled with confidence as you start out putting all these new tools into practice within your business.  

      Ultimately, the Platinum: Uplift Food Premium Personalised Package (Practitioner) will support you, and your patients, to practically, and confidently, live a happier and more nourished life.”



      • Our dietitian is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Accredited Nutritionist and speaks English.
      •  You can purchase this package from countries outside of Australia.
      • Once you have checked out and purchased this package, and are ready for your appointment, simply email and we will be in touch to schedule your session at a convenient time.
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      Its Time to Feel Uplifted!

      Join the Uplifters and gain access to exclusive gut health expert dietitian tips, delicious recipes, and product specials...Don't you want to finally feel like "you've totally got this"? 

      And if you are ready to take the first step to feeling incredible - Head over to our Signature Uplift Food - Daily Uplifter (Protein) page and take control over your gut health today!

      Uplift Food - Daily Uplifter (Protein)- Vanilla

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